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adAS tries to make the use of the Single Sign-On to final users easier and clearer on personal computers and on mobile devices. Our slogan is to not show more technical information to the user that it really needs.


adAS provides internacionalization, either in the final user's sections or in the management tool, being able to choose a different language for each environment.

adAS in a mobile device.

Login screenshot for mobile

adAS has different versions adapted for mobile devices with the same characteristics that in the other versions: Username and password authentication, WAYF and delegated authentication modules, error management and even digital certificate authentication for mobile devices.

The system errors are adapted to avoid to show technical information to the user, making friendlier its experience with the Single Sign-On.

The Single Sign-On logout is adapted to each user, allowing to close its session on the applications in which the user is authenticated by choosing just the ones that the user wants to close or all of them, making a global logout.

adAS Logout.

Logout screenshot