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"what could we include"

Several applications

adAS allows to include in your Single Sign-On several applications. This inclusion will be done regardless of the technology or the deployment environment in which this applications are implemented, either in open or proprietary environments.

Compatible applications with adAS

  1. Content management
  2. E-learning
  3. Email
  4. Collaborative Software
  5. University management
  6. Repositories
  7. e-Government
  8. Other applications

Haven't you found your application here?

As well as this applications, adAS is compatible with any resource developed under any of these technologies:

In order to include applications, adAS is based on several interoperability standards, such as Shibboleth, SAML, PAPI, OpenSSO or CAS. If any of your applications is not included in these lists, but is compatible with any of these standards, it would be possible to include it in adAS.

If you need to include some other application or technology in adAS, contact us.