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The deployment of a Single Sign-On based on adAS is improved by the experience of PRiSE in Digital Identity and by the catalogue of enterprise products that give more functionality and add new features to the system.


PRiSE offers its experience in the field of Digital Identity in order to fulfill an efficient deployment of adAS in your organization by deploying enterprise products that complement your system.

adAS Connector - Oracle Single Sign-On

Oracle Single Sign-On (OSSO) adAS Connector that allows to delegate the authentication in adAS. Therefore, it includes the OSSO depending applications inside a Single Sign-On based on adAS.

Also, this connector gives the opportunity to easily integrate in adAS all the applications related to the solution Universitas XXI (by OCU).

For more information about this connector and its license cost, contact with PRiSE.

Passwords Management Application: adAS-PWD

adAS-PWD is a PRiSE development in PHP language that is adapted completely to an adAS Single Sign-On, allowing to manage the passwords management of the users of an organization. adAS-PWD guarantee the compliance of the existent regulations and the existence of a configurable process of password recovery for the users.

For more information about this product and its license cost, contact with PRiSE.

Digital Identity Management Application: adAS IdM

adAS IdM is a web application developed by PRiSE that manages the digital identity of an organization. adAS IdM is adapted completely to an adAS Single Sign-On, providing two use cases: the SSO administrator is able to manage the digital identity of their users and these users are able to manage their personal data (accessing and updating them).

For more information about this product and its license cost, contact with PRiSE.

Offered Services

The deployment of adAS in your organization shouldn't be an isolated activity. In order to have a global management of the Digital Identity it is required to build on this product by checking and improving the processes executed in your organization.

In order to improve this processes, PRiSE offers a series of services that complement an adAS deployment.

Some of this complementary services offered are:


    Identity consultancy and management

    Identity governance in organizations


    Corporate data model: user supply and role definition


    Audits on data privacy and security

    Data architecture and identity management analysis

    Value proposals and technical adaptation to security standards

    LOPD services: File management, clauses and contracts, safety measures

  • SSO deployment:

    Adaptation to organizations

    Development of identification, validation and user's control access processes

    Interoperability assurance


    Predefined or adapted lectures specifically designed for your organization


    Design and deployment

    Trust creation

    Service Policy design

    Federation privacy and identity

If you need more information about how to correctly deploy a Single Sign-On in your organization, contact us.