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adAS License

adAS is an open source softwate under the Apache 2.0 License. Try adAS in your organization by downloading it through the downloading section or by contacting its developers without compromise.

adAS roadmap

The adAS roadmap shows the different versions of adAS that are under support at the moment. Also, it shows the steps that are being followed in order to publish a new version..

adAS in the beginning

adAS was designed as a Single Sign-On software for the Salamanca University. Thanks to this initial bet, the spanish enterprise PRiSE developed this software that is still in evolution and open to the improvements and inputs of the community.

adAS in the organizations

The login, logout and other user's pages of adAS are customizable. It is possible to configure in an easy way the style of this pages in order to adapt them to your corporate image.


There is an adAS user's mail list. For any question or request about this product or to join the adAS's community, send an email to adas-users@lists.prise.es or subscribe here.

For more information about the error control in adAS, please visit the adAS develop and maintenance web page.