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"how do we create trust"

safe environments

adAS provides a secure and trust environment using and managing the digital identity in the organizations. This is possible thanks to the responsible use of the required information and to the innovative technologies implemented for the safety of the processes and the information.

Safety and trust

adAS makes easier the adaptation of an organization to the Spanish Security Scheme (ENS) by providing methods to protect the transferred information, registering the user's activity, storing the required information in order to analyze, monitor and document wrongful activities and allowing the identification of the user that is performing the activity.

With the intent to maintain a high level of privacy, adAS just provides the information of the digital identity of the users required for each application.

Depending on the sensitivity of an application, there is a link between the application and a level of assurance who is based on an authentication method. This allows, for example, that some critical applications only can be access by an authentication method with the highest assurance level.

Thanks to an events system adAS identifies attacks or wrong behaviours in the authentication process, allowing to block the users or IPs that act suspiciously.

Also, adAS makes easier to integrate the Single Sign-On with High Availability Services and load balancers.

Access control by IP or user in adAS authentication

Access control in adAS.