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"how can be managed the SSO"

A versatile tool

adAS includes a practical and simple web management tool that provides an interface to configurate the SSO. It has also, monitoring elements, events control and a Business Intelligence (BI) engine.

adAS Management Tool

Statistics and reports

adAS has a Business Intelligence (BI) engine that uses the dashboard to show the SSO status in an intuitive and practical way.

It is possible to visualize the progress of authentications and accesses, either right or wrong, in the last days, which or how many users had accessed to the resources or the most accessed resources, among others.

This reports show the system status on real time, helping to make an early diagnose of identity forgery and other anomalous situations.

adAS Dashboard. Authentication progress.

Levels of assurance

Because of the sensitivity of the application data, adAS allows to create levels of assurance between authentication methods and service providers.

With this technology it is possible to define which level of assurance (which method of authentication) requires a service provider.

If an user has been authenticated with a authentication method with a low level of assurance and the application or resources that the user is trying to access requires a higher level, adAS will request again its identification.

This feature allows the user, for example, to change its password without remembering the latest one, using a higher level of authentication such as a digital certificate or a smartcard.


adAS has a practical and simple management tool that allows to configure and monitor the Single Sign-On:

  • Events control system that blocks automatically DoS attacks or users with wrong behaviors.
  • adAS Monitoring. Events control.
  • Monitoring system that allows the administrator to trace all the system's logs by execution thread.
  • adAS Monitoring. Log tracer.


adAS is a multiprotocol Single Sign-On that allows to respond to various standards:

  • SAML 1.1/Shibboleth 1.3
  • SAML 2.0
  • PAPI v1
  • OpenSSO
  • CAS

Also, adAS conects with several applications and resources, either open source or proprietary and even custom PHP, Java or .NET applications.

This interoperability is transparent to the administrator, because adding protected resources to adAS would be the same for each kind of resource. This makes easier the Single Sign-On management.


adAS provides internacionalization, either in the final user's sections (login, logout, errors, etc.) or in the management tool, being able to choose a different language for each environment.

By default adAS has been implemented in Spanish, English, Galician and Catalonian.

adAS internacionalization


adAS specially cares about the privacy related to the user's data. In order to do that, the statistics and reports avoid privacy problems by making anonymous the personal data displayed in them.

Anonimizated users in  adAS.

Also, it is possible to manage the restricted access to the management tool allowing specific users to access just to the sections of the management tool related to the anonymized statistics and reports.

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