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"which license does have adAS?"

our philosophy

adAS is an open source software, extensible and customizable, with no need to acquire temporal licenses or contract it by user number. adAS is supported by its community, which improves and extends its functionality.

adAS, open source

Since its origin, adAS is offered to the community as Open Source under Apache 2.0 license.

The reason for use this license is based on the open source philosophy, which encourages, thanks to the basic principle of collaboration, the development of the software and the generation of constants improvements and growth of the functionality, quality and interoperability.

PRiSE wants to uphold this philosophy developing an open Single Sign-On and Identity Federation product, allowing to all kinds of organizations, to obtain the advantages of an advanced identity provider with all the features of other Single Sign-On solutions that aren't open source.

Thanks to this way of work, all improvements of the community are available to the other adAS users, generating a high-quality product at a lower cost.